Turn visitors into loyal customers

Marketing "from Strategy to Tactics"

  • We offer you a wide portfolio of Online Marketing Services, from the strategic definition, to the maximization of resources throughout the five key pillars: awareness, acquisition, conversion, retention and loyalty.

  • Plan for complex marketing processes in multiple markets (worldwide and China)

  • Increase sales and drive your online channels (WeChat, Weibo, Red, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Baidu, etc) to improve results.

Content Generation

  • Choose the right wording for product content aligned with SEO actions
  • Instructive and informative content to boost lead generation and conversion rate
  • Use case studies to boost credibility and empower a purchase decision

Boost your online sales

Content Publishing

  • Plan for a publishing calendar aligned with your marketing strategy
  • Rely on automation for multi-front customer visibility, based on social, website and advertising impacts
  • Prepare for online and offline campaigns, accelerating from weeks before

Community Management

  • Reframe the connection between your company and your audience
  • Build brand presence and trust, defining your online personality
  • Moderate the customers’ interactions and align it with customer care, to boost confidence and reputation for your brand

KOL & KOC Marketing

  • Learn how to choose influencers aligned with your marketing strategy
  • Discover the identifying attributes of your audience and highlight those attributes in your influencer campaign
  • Use influencers to impact hard-to-reach audience

Email & SMS

  • Follow the right steps to make your email marketing campaign stand-out from the rest
  • Segment your audience and define the right message at the right time for maximum impact
  • Take profit of SMS higher open rates and aim for higher ROI

Loyalty Program Management

  • Align your customer experience with a custom loyalty program for a boost in retention
  • Understand your customers natural purchase needs and define a suitable loyalty program fitting those cycles
  • Understand the effectiveness of the loyalty program and measure the ROI

Affiliate Marketing

  • Plan for an affiliate marketing strategy
  • Get insights on the more suitable affiliates platforms
  • Integrate the affiliate strategy with the promotion and visibility strategy
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