Ecommerce B2B-B2C for Veranique Zsa’s luxury handbags

by TRILOGI Press
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The luxury handbag Company Veranique Zsa, established in London and distributing in Asia from Hong Kong, has opened an online store with TLG Commerce. Its purpose is to reach a wide range of audiences with the powerful LogiCommerce’s eCommerce software. The platform allows combining two marketing models: B2B and B2C in an apparently very simple way. This way, companies can register to the website as companies and get access to special price rates. Access to this price rate is granted once the online store’s administrators validate the soliciting company’s data.

With this eCommerce, the managers of the fashion accessories company expect to sell their products all over the world, not only to particulars but also to companies interested in distributing the products of the first-class brand. Veranique Zsa’s and TLG Commerce’s design and development teams have been working hand in hand in order to convey the sober and elegant image of the top-tier handbags.

A company with a global ambition

In its beginnings, back to the early 20th Century, Veranique Zsa was known for the commercialization of jacquard fabric, the brand’s most well-known product at that time. Later on, the family moved to Italy, where they discovered the high quality fine leather of the italic country. Ever since, the third generation’s craftsmanship’s heritage and their aesthetic and perfectionist sense, has lead Veranique Zsa to become an exclusive fashion trademark, specifically for luxury handbags.

The Italian leather in which the products were based allowed crafting very classy creations. Ever since, they have been able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers up to the present day with these high-quality products; both in the quality of their products as well as in the finishing of their accessories.  Veranique Zsa’s business progress model shares aspects with many luxury goods companies with global scope, such as the meticulous care of their products and the aspiration of increasing their profits without territorial limitations.

Luxury handbags inspired by landscapes, flowers and mosaics

Veranique Zsa’s handbags line is inspired on architectonic and natural elements, such as flowers, the Mediterranean landscapes that amazed the collection’s designer in a recent trip to Barcelona and its surrounding area.

 Veranique Zsa

Cities like Girona, Tarragona or Montserrat Mountain are some of the places that name the celebrated designs. The designer’s philosophy is based on elegance and its motto is sported in all the details of her designs: “elegance is the soul’s reflection, identically beautiful in the inside as in the outside

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