Trilogi becomes VTEX PARTNERS!

by TRILOGI Press

Trilogi has specialized for over 20 years in consulting in the eCommerce sector, dedicated to developing and implementing online stores. Our primary goal has always been to boost our clients’ business with the best web solutions for their eCommerce, to ensure an unbeatable experience, which is why we’ve decided join the VTEX partner network, specialists in eCommerce software to speed up the transformation of #eCommerce.

What does being a VTEX Partner mean?

VTEX is the global eCommerce solution with native marketplace and OMS features. It helps retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, food and consumer goods sellers and other verticals to sell more products, more efficiently. The alliance involves a shared commitment to speed up time-to-revenue and offer customers a Premium experience with high-quality technological solutions.

At a time of far-reaching change and digital transformation, speeded up by the global pandemic over the last year, which has seen significant changes in consumer behavior, it is important for us to forge alliances to innovate and offer our grain of sand to help bring about digital transformation for merchants. We are joining VTEX to provide our agency’s advice, marketing and technology services using VTEX eCommerce infrastructure.

Why choose Trilogi?

The Trilogi team has been growing together with its clients over 20 years executing eCommerce projects, making it a leading eCommerce agency thanks to more than 670 B2C/B2B and Multi-Channel businesses globally, using custom solutions and strategies.

Your experience with Trilogi does not end with the development of your eCommerce. We have a team of top-class designers to add the most creative touches to your project, plus a team of specialists in digital marketing for eCommerce to help you find the right solution to develop your online store. Moreover, once your eCommerce has been developed, they will support you on an everyday basis with a personalized digital strategy to ensure a successful online business.

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