Amazon Web Services (AWS) creates a case study about TLG Commerce’s platform

by TRILOGI Press
AWS LogiCommerce

We are proud to announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has published a case study about TLG Commerce’s platform. The article describes our commitment to migrate all the eCommerce developed with our SaaS software, LogiCommerce, to the AWS platform.

AWS + LogiCommerce, a combination of growth

“Our goal was to offer our customers an auto-scalable eCommerce platform in a cutting-edge cloud modality”

In the case study, Xavier Leoz, IT Manager in TLG Commerce points out the importance of the auto-scalability of the servers where the eCommerce are hosted, which grow or shrink on demand. This is a basic requirement for major brands which in high traffic campaigns such as Black Friday, 11/11 (China’s single’s day) or Christmas campaigns, draw high amounts of traffic to their online stores.

Xavier Leoz

TLG Commerce’s R&D team, led by Leoz, has invested many resources in the design of the new system architecture, which allows taking advantage of the huge variety of features Amazon Web Services provides. Among these features, we could easily point out improvements such as the quickness the new eCommerce can be set online, reducing considerably the time needed both for their launch as well as for any technical intervention that may arise. In addition to these features, Leoz adds even another data in the case study published by AWS: the platform’s uptime time has increased, rising to extremely high availability rates, getting close to a 100% availability uptime.

The case study lists all the available tools that may grant a limitless growth for all the companies trusting our eCommerce agency. In addition, you can also find all the AWS solutions that TLG Commerce is currently implementing.

In TLG Commerce, we aim for the highest uptime as a key feature to grant the expected turnover to all the major brands composing our customer portfolio.

You can check the complete AWS case study here. Should you need any further information about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will love helping you!

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