Fake Apple Watches go on sale on TaoBao

by TRILOGI Press

After only a couple of days since the official announcement, Apple Watches are already being sold in China – or at least very similar devices. These knock-off Apple Watches appear to have been copied in every detail, though prices are much lower than the original. Apple watches are expected to be sold starting next month.

Fake Apple Watches had already appeared in January at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show for suspiciously low prices, proving once again the speed and astonishing skills of Chinese manifacturers. They appear to be around ten times cheaper than the original one, and running a version of Android redesigned to look like Apple’s iOS.

These episodes are unfortunately very common on TaoBao, where selling fake products is  easy and painless. Chinese authorities have recently spoken against this phenomenon, and have pledged to fight counterfeits in order to better regulate the Chinese eCommerce market.

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