TLG announces its latest online store development – KLASSE14

by TRILOGI Press

Klasse14,the famous watch brand created in August 2014 in Hong Kong, has recently revamped its international online store thanks to TLG’s eCommerce solution. Klasse14’s website, which  has become an overnight sensation in the the Asian market, is a showcase of some of the best ecommerce functionalities offered by TLG’s proprietary software, LogiCommerce


An eCommerce to drive sales

Thanks to LogiCommerce capabilities and the talent of our programmers, Klasse14 integrates numerous developments and tools to facilitate and boost sales. The new eCommerce, programmed in conjunction by the Barcelona and Shanghai team, showcases advanced eCommerce functionalities such as Geolocation, social logins -including Weibo – and Insta Shop.


Insta Shop is a new way your clients can experience online shopping, created to let brands leverage their Instagram pages while being able to avoid regional restrictions. Images shared on Instagram are featured on Klasse14’s homepage with a real-time integration, and it is then possible to link a certain product to the image. When clicking the picture, a popup featuring the product and an “add to cart” button will be shown, allowing seamless purchases and a smooth customer experience.  A visual impact stronger and more real than just a normal product page .

Geolocation. Thanks to this functionality, our eCommerce solution detects the IP each user accesses the store from, and automatically assigns a currency and a default language. However, the user can switch the two parameters via the menu, if necessary. Klasse14 currently provides navigation in six languages: English, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and enables the purchase with nine different types of currency. Thanks to this feature, Klasse14 is able to offer their watches seamlessly to a region characterized by multiple languages and currencies.

Social Login. together with Twitter and Facebook, LogiCommerce now also offers  Weibo connect, letting users login using the popular Chinese social network credentials.

Classy watches

The secret of successful watch company is based on collaboration between different designers, artists and bloggers to provide a very personal unique experience to their clients. Thanks to Mario Nobile, Klasse 14’s creative director, the young brand is able to create popular watches with very different styles: classic, sporty, vintage, and futuristic.


Watches are produced in small quantities and for limited periods of time, allowing a high degree of quality control. However, thanks to a direct to consumer model which disrupts the traditional businesses, they are able to offer high-end fashion gadgets at a revolutionary price.

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