Open your WeChat Store with the integrated Wechat Payment!

by TRILOGI Press

WeChat Store: TLG commerce is proud to announce the development of integrated WeChat stores: our online shops in China are now able to accept WeChat Payment when opened through WeChat’s internal browser (QQ browser).

Due to WeChat’s fast growth both in terms of users as well as a payment platform, brands and merchants are trying to leverage the app to build brand awareness and increase sales. WeChat doesn’t allow linking to Tmall or Taobao, so companies are left with 2 options: creating built-in a WeChat store using a third-party platforms, or linking to a standalone store.

WeChat Store

MyDmart WeChat Store

The first option means splitting stock, users, and offering limited eCommerce capabilities and features. It could work in the short term for a few quick sales but won’t sustain growth and expansion in the long term. The second options sounds ideal, since merchants could offer a better experience and more advanced capabilities without splitting stock and users, but eCommerce software were not ready to launch the WeChat app when completing the purchase. Until now.

WeChat Store

Luckily, TLG Commerce just developed the perfect solution to open and run a WeChat Store. After integrating the WeChat QR code payment, we completed the integration of the WeChat internal browser (QQ browser) payment. This means that, for shoppers using online stores built with TLG  proprietary eCommerce software LogiCommerce, it is now possible to complete an order through WeChat browser, and then pay with WeChat PayThis way, after filling in all the information and selecting WeChat as a payment gateway, the WeChat payment app will automatically open, and the payment will be registered in the backend. 

We are very excited to offer this feature to our clients located both in China as well as abroad.

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