Google Catches Social Traffic with Shop the Look

by TRILOGI Press

With the rise of influencers and social apps, users are looking for what they like and what they want to wear on social networks. Now more than ever, marketing means not only communicating and conveying what we want to users, but also allowing them to communicate with the brand and create viral content.

Fashion brands present new collections in social networks, which become the channel for getting people into their stores. This content isn’t indexed like product descriptions in Google. So the world’s most famous (and most used) search engine has rolled up its sleeves to try and work on showing these products faster and more simply.

The constantly changing, innovative fashion industry will be revolutionised by Google’s new way of showing content. This “solution” goes by the working title of Shop the Look and has been activated in beta phase exclusively for US mobiles. It aims to find a photo of a searched-for look directly in the search results.
Imagine you search for ‘denim’ or ‘jeans’, Google will automatically find an image of an instagrammer or blogger wearing this item. If you click on the image you’ll be taken straight to the store where you can buy the look.

How does Google Display the Information?

Google uses content and links to buy the featured clothing from, a company that allows fashion bloggers to upload their looks and label their clothes with links to stores.

21 buttons app unites fashion bloggers, influencers and consumers who want to buy the featured clothing as quickly as possible. When consumers view the image, they can click on the clothes and save them or head directly to the store to buy the item or even the entire look. users receive a sign-up email allowing them to access a newsletter that features looks and clothes worn by their favourite followers and links to stores so that they can buy anything they see.

Google can use these apps to catch the search traffic it doesn’t get from social hashtags.

This step forward is a winner for all those involved:

  • Google: which will drive social traffic to its own search engine, without having to include #hastags in searches.
  • Influencers: by being indexed in Google, their content will be viewed by more people (followers and people who don’t follow them) and will go live before receiving any hits. This will increase the competition to provide quality content between bloggers/instagrammers, as quality will be more important than the number of followers.
  • Users: speed and immediacy through being able to obtain a product with a single click.

This partnership is still in its early days, only available in beta form for mobiles in the US. The companies are currently completing the revenue share agreement between the affiliates, Google and the influencer who created the content in the first place.

TLG Commerce knows the importance of this step forward for stores developed at our agency, which is why we are advancing with two actions that unite social content with Google’s search engine: the creation of Shop Insta and a partnership with Photoslurp.

The Creation of Shop Insta to avoid the Instagram ban in China: This tool allows you to make a rapid purchase using Instagram account images included in the online store. This facilitates sales in China, where this social network is banned, as well as in the rest of the world as customers can rapidly access the product they want from a social image.

Partnership with Photoslurp: This new app collates customer published photos of products from your store. After collation, the best photos are selected and attached to the product description to provide greater visual impact.

In short, content isn’t only generated by brand photoshoots and lookbooks: it falls into the hands of users, who, depending on their social relevance, will help increase that store’s conversion rates with their stories and images of the products.

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