Herman Miller Hong Kong is now live! TLG eCommerce development

by TRILOGI Press

TLG is proud to announce the development of Herman Miller’s Hong Kong eCommerce website, www.hermanmiller.hk. The iconic brand’s online shop is now fully operative.

Herman Miller, a company with over 110 years of history, is major American manufacturer of office furniture with a revenue reaching USD 2.1 billion in 2015. Starting from a small town in Michigan, they have expanded over the years to enter almost every country in the world. Recently, the company needed to expand their eCommerce operations into the SEA region, and support the already launched Japanese and Chinese shops. To do so, Herman Miller needed a local partner with global capabilities, to develop a powerful eCommerce in a timely fashion.


The Same, Only Different

In order to provide a consolidated experience across all channels worldwide, the first task was to recreate the same design and behaviors as its American counterpart. To improve the design, TLG also coded advanced responsive visualization functionalities, missing in the American store. Thanks to the responsive visualization, HK internet users can now enjoy Herman MIller online shop on any device.

Furthermore, TLG integrated AsiaPay as payment gateway, the leading payment solution provider which enables retailers to accept money not only from Visa/Mastercard cards, but also Paypal, UnionPay, and Alipay. Thanks to AsiaPay, Herman Miller can now safely accept money from any type of card/payment gateway in the region.


The Art of Confort

For over 100 years, Herman Miller made a name for themselves in the office furniture world thanks to cutting-edge modernist design, innovation, and exceptional comfort. In their online store, they aim to recreate that very feeling.


2 buttons are placed just below the product picture, to show the front and the back pictures effortlessly. For each product, Herman Miller’s website makes use of great storytelling, describing the thought-process for the conception,its creation, and its reception by critics and the media.

Furthermore, each item provides multiple options, to ensure a high-degree of customization.  In the next stages, TLG will implement an advanced customization system, to let clients personalize the products online in almost any detail. The system will be a more advanced version of what we already created for Munich, encompassing tens of products and hundreds of options.

Just the Beginning

Thanks to the new Hong Kong eCommerce website, Herman Miller can now tap into new, unexplored markets. As the eCommerce world keeps evolving, they can always rely on an experienced Partner like TLG to keep improving their online offering.


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