Online Marketing Consulting: All you need to know

by TRILOGI Press
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Nowadays, having an online business has become as complex as having a brick and mortar shop. Concepts like organic positioning, conversions, page-views, bounce rate, digital marketing and AdWords are concepts that may not sound relevant to a physical store. However, they have become essential in the eCommerce world.

Knowing the current state of your online store, knowing what is going wrong, and specifically, knowing which are the best growth levers for your eShop are the main purposes of any online marketing consultancy.

Do I need a Marketing Consulting for my online store?

I believe that once we’ve reached this point, all those of us who work in the online marketing world should rephrase Descartes’ famous quote “I think, therefore I exist” to:

This is to say, if you don’t have an appropriate online marketing plan for your online store, you will not show up in the main search engine, namely Google, and you will not achieve the fame nor the visibility needed to obtain the expected results. This situation translates into the perfect chance to carry out an online market penetration through a consultant firm. A web consultant’s experience, technical knowledge and the expertise in all kinds of areas can enormously help to increase the benefits of an eCommerce platform. Not only through the improvement of the organic positioning, but also through business strategies revealed in the 4 marketing Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, Placement). Moreover, they include the online marketing “Ps”: Personalization, Participation, Peer to peer in communities or Predictive models (linked to consumption patterns and recurrence).

But this post started with a simple question: Do I need a Marketing Consulting for my online store? And our answer is YES. All online companies are subject to changes and updates in the ever changing and ever expanding online market.

What does an online marketing consulting analyze?

All online marketing consultancies are based on continually analyzing all the aspects of the online store that affect both the web’s traffic and the user’s behavior within the store.

Detecting and preventively correcting errors, are some of the key goals of all online consultancies. A default prerequisite.

Online marketing consultancies have a core focus in the following:

  • Web traffic analysis and user behavior
  • Online marketing (SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, etc)
  • Social networks
  • Customer loyalty strategies.
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Competitor analyis
  • Best industry practices

So far, we have focused only on online topics. That being said, it must not be forgotten that, to leverage your brick and mortar stores with your online approach, thus creating your O2O strategy, fine tuning all your channels for selling more.

Both for medium to large businesses and for those businesses who are about to start their journey in the ecommerce world, it is very important that they can have the advice of an expert online consultant to point out all relevant eStrategies that may have a massive impact on their business.

The online consultant also serves as a teacher, giving the customer clarity to make the right decisions for changes, updates and overall optimization.

All of the above leads to a better knowledge of the fundamental aspects of your eCommerce, such as:

  • Knowing the “real” business situation
  • Objective analysis
  • Detailed planning of actions dependent on objectives
  • Resource administration
  • Optimization of investments

Omnichannel analysis it is crucial to define a Digital Roadmap with different objectives for the upcoming weeks or months, both for the short, medium and long term.

If you are planning to sell online, work on your marketing strategy first.

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