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Digital Business Consulting

  • Understand the opportunities and threats presented by the shift to the worldwide and China digital business
  • Get the insights of the digital scenario and your competitors
  • Understand customers’ new expectations and requirements in the digital age
  • Analyze the business, market size, competition and current status of the online scene
  • Define the best strategy in order to achieve a continuous digital growth

eBusiness Acceleration

  • Explore new business ventures and new markets for your product portfolio
  • Plan the milestones – MVP, audience pilot, full scale deployment and regular task operations
  • Deploy a full plan for customer discovery, marketing plan and daily operations

eCommerce Data Analysis

  • Get data insights for eCommerce optimization and business profitability
  • Find most profitable strategies on the store and boost your sales
  • Check retention, acquisition and revenue metrics against typical industry metrics
  • Compare data between dates and know your strengths

China Strategy

  • Comprehensive advice for you and your business
  • Understand Chinese consumers’ expectations and market behavior
  • Know the Cross-border, payment systems, China Great Firewall, Internet limitations and hosting
  • Unleash the potential of WeChat, TMall,, Red Book and others for your brand

Operations Consulting

  • Define workflows, procedure and resources for your daily eCommerce operations
  • Understand the impact your sales and post-sales actions will have in logistics
  • Define shipping partnerships, stock strategy and packaging to increase your customer satisfaction

Product & Pricing Strategy

  • Discover the market and your competition pricing strategy
  • Align marketing strategy with pricing strategy
  • Focus on the right products and work on 80/20 rule to maximize ROI

Business Model
B2B & B2C

  • Create a plan for servicing your B2B customers through eCommerce
  • Complement your current B2C, aligned with your product, pricing and service strategy
  • Offer your B2B customers a complete service aligned with multi-channel, online and offline strategy

Tools & Software Recommendations

  • Discover what can be automated, what can be accelerated and what needs to be managed manually in the eCommerce ecosystem
  • Understand the highlights and use-cases for each tool, and choose what’s more suitable for your organization
  • Align the marketing strategy with software and services needed to maximize the ROI

eCommerce Performance

  • Design, integrate and supercharge your eCommerce, keeping the best performance
  • Enjoy maximum performance on both mobile and desktop
  • Discover key elements impacting web site performance and how to improve it

eCommerce Audit

  • Audit your eCommerce to take sales to the next level
  • Measure and boost the speed and UX of your eCommerce
  • Analyze heat maps, customer journeys and visitor navigation to  improve conversion rates

eCommerce optimization

  • Discover which functionalities and add-ons bring real value to your customer experience
  • Increase your eCommerce performance by optimizing images, content, add-ons and more
  • Reduce the bounce rate of your estore and boost sales at every step of the conversion funnel
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