Maximize the effectiveness of your traffic acquisition strategies

PPC Campaigns

  • Discover the most profitable keywords for your plan
  • Understand the ups and downs on keyword cost and suitability for your industry
  • Follow the trends – or look for a blue ocean strategy for your products

WeChat, Weibo & Red Advertising

  • Discover a whole different way of interacting with the Chinese market
  • Balance transaction, interaction and promotion in a single ecosystem
  • Test the waters with an MVP for quick market exploration

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

  • Micro-target your audience
  • Reach audience not reachable by organic growth
  • Follow your audience when they are in leisure time

Google & Baidu Ads

  • Get recommendations on the budget for your industry and keywords
  • Set your goals and seek the ROI / ORAS / CPA / CPC…
  • Get insights on the more valuable locations and date-sensitive campaigns

Amazon Advertising

  • Create your Sponsored Brand to achieve a better visibility
  • Focus on category-specific Sponsored Products for better promotion
  • Explore long-tail product strategy for specific audience

LinkedIn Advertising

  • Get insights on the target and suitability of LinkedIn users for your industry
  • Reach out to LinkedIn communities, segments and experts
  • Boost your visibility on decision makers and C-level executives


  • Discern SEO actions from SEO strategy, and understand what you really need
  • Align with the overall marketing strategy, and plan for the long term
  • Be aware of the search engine rankings, how to improve it and what’s the ROI


  • Follow your visitors and send the right message at the right sites
  • Understand how do you want to be perceived by your visitors
  • Define impact time and frequency for your target audience to get the better results

Shopping Feeds Management

  • Enhance product information for marketplace ranking
  • Create suitable feeds customized for country / language
  • Review and fix data for a better customer satisfaction and campaigns performance

Amazon Marketplaces Integration

  • Reach untapped audience with marketplace integrations
  • Publish a catalog selection for focused campaigns or send all your products for maximum visibility
  • Integrate your eCommerce for seamless order management and logistics flows

Outreach Campaigns

  • Identify the Key influencers for your industry and audience
  • Plan an influencer contact strategy and get insights and metrics on costs and agreement rate
  • Calculate the ROI on the promotion, the brand awareness, or the perception change


  • Reach audience looking for your product
  • Fine-tune your more suitable products to advance your competition
  • Promote your better price and improve your ROI on sales campaigns

Voice Search

  • Be ready for a world of voice powered assistants
  • Optimize your keywords for voice – and be ready for new challenges
  • Invest on the new tech front to be the first on Alexa or Siri product purchase
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