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Customer Story
Customer Story

Serhs Equipments is part of the Serhs group. Serhs Equipments’ business is based on online sales of machinery, furniture and other items for the hospitality sector, and is aimed at wholesalers, professionals and companies in the trade. Its aim is to provide suitable equipment for any business in the hospitality industry.

Serhs Equipments’ online sales focus on the kind of products that are purchased directly and which purchasers are able to install themselves.

Miriam Fernandez
Ecommerce Manager

We are pleased with the job done and with the service provided by our project manager. Visually, we have achieved a “cleaner”, higher-quality look.


We wanted a change of platform; we were looking for something easier and more intuitive to use than Magento.


Serhs Equipments had an eCommerce developed in Magento 1.9. As this version was to be discontinued and we would have to migrate to the new version, we considered other, alternative platforms, highly rated, with proven experience in the sector and designed using the latest technology, and offering both a front and back office usability that would make it much easier to handle than the existing Magento system (especially in the Backoffice).

Strategy and services

Audit of the existing site. The deficiencies or mistakes in the existing Magento system were assessed, to correct them with the new platform.
It had to offer a complete solution and powerful B2C/B2B integration with the Microsoft Nav ERP. Provided by TLG Commerce.

  • Quick shop
  • Doofinder smart search engine
  • Popup
  • Standard blog
  • 301 redirections
  • Integration with Mailchimp
  • Integration with Sequra
  • Integration with Typeform

Objectives achieved

  • Generating a higher volume of visits
  • Boosting engagement and conversion
  • An up-to-date, responsive design to enhance user experiences.
Miriam Fernandez
Ecommerce Manager

Why did you choose TLG Commerce?
We wanted a change of platform, as the one we had was becoming obsolete and it was getting difficult to make improvements. We were also looking for something easier and more intuitive to use than Magento.

TLG Commerce has its own software. What would you highlight about LogiCommerce?
It’s very easy to handle, for any user, without needing to know about programming. You can do different things without knowing much about the tool a it’s intuitive and interactive. Up-to-date design and navigation. You also get a user guide. LogiCommerce is very complete.

What do you expect from this new design and platform?
For the customer to have a better experience while browsing our Commerce, increased visits and above all to turn these into more conversions.

Are you satisfied with the result?
Yes. Visually, we have achieved a “cleaner”, higher-quality look. We are pleased with the job done and with the service provided by our project manager. Now all we need is to give it the necessary boost and the visibility to make our website one of the top ones on the market.

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