China B2B ecommerce is worth 10 trillion RMB

by TRILOGI Press

China B2B ecommerce sales grew by 22% in 2014, totalling 10 trillion RMB, acording to a research recently released by the China E-commerce Research Center (CECRC).  Online retail grew even faster, reaching 2.82 trillion RMB, up 49.7%.

In total, the ecommerce market expanded 31%, with B2B accounting for 74.6% of the online transactions.

According to Zhang Zhouping, senior analysts at CECRC, the big players of B2B ecommerce are pushing the boundaries and improving their systems, in order to facilitate the transactions on their platform and increase sales.

As of 2014, ecommerce has created around 2.5 million jobs in China, while 18 million more people are working indirectly with ecommerce.

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