The Benefits of an eCommerce Blog

by TRILOGI Press
Content Marketing

School’s back, and you don’t have to wait for January to face new challenges. We have to launch an eCommerce blog! This must be one of the most common phrases you hear at the office when talking about your eCommerce store.

Content Marketing

More urgent tasks always come first, with the same excuses heard at major companies: “There’s no time for that now.” “Who’s going to write it?” “Will it really generate a return?” the benefits we describe below should help you make the decision and implement your blog this fall.

In the past, blogs were for personal use, until companies realized they could improve their online strategy. We’ve identified some of the benefits of an eCommerce blog to encourage you to launch one.

Advice and Tutorials

Let’s say you have an eCommerce fashion store and decide to launch a blog. Fashion is one of the strengths in this sector. You could write articles about this season’s trends, Fall color combinations, warm fabrics, colors trending in Japan, new prints, different textiles, combining clothes with accessories, etc, etc.

In addition to helping users and promoting your own clothing, you are also creating quality content. If a user searches for “Autumn/Winter 2016 Trends” you will already be positioned by these keywords and as well as securing quality hits, you’ll be able to convert these hits into sales.

The more hits and the more quality hits you receive, the better your blog will be positioned. Quality, updated content will give your digital strategy a good push.

Quantity of Keywords for Positioning

One of the biggest SEO advantages of an eCommerce blog is the number of keywords you’ll position in organic search engine results.

eCommerce keywords

You’ll have to select one or several keywords to work on in every article, in order to position them in search results. Let’s continue with our fashion eStore example. You decide to write an article on this fall’s trends, so you look for the long tail keywords. You could go for “Autumn 2016 Fashion” which has 2,400 searches a month or “Autumn 2016 trends”, which at ‘only’ 590 monthly searches has low competition.

It’s vital to work on your article keywords to position the blog using relevant keywords.

Increase Natural Links

If you can make your eCommerce blog contain quality content that gives users value, you’ll naturally achieve a lot of links.

Sticking with the fashion blog, let’s imagine you’ve written an article on bamboo clothing. The article discusses the quality of the clothes, the benefits of bamboo and other useful points for people who buy this kind of product. Once you have written and shared the article on your social networks and newsletter, interested users will read it and anyone who likes it will share it on their social networks, blog, website, etc.

These links are completely natural, which makes Google happy.

Responsibility, Reliability and Commitment

If you have a blog, you have to update it regularly, either once a week, once a fortnight or once a month, so that it’s not classed as “abandoned”.

If you manage to sustain the pace, as well as enjoying the benefits we described earlier, you’ll also give customers the impression that you are reliable and committed, key factors to selling online.

eCommerce blogs updated every 6 months are different from eCommerce blogs updated once or twice a month. You will earn user confidence, as they will see that you are committed to your project – you believe strongly in what you do and in your products.

We hope this makes you want to start an eCommerce blog and to begin creating quality content.

TLG Commerce supports your new eCommerce projects. Good luck with your blog!

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