A Series of 12 Whitepapers | What’s up with Fashion?

by TRILOGI Press

The past 2018 has been an exciting year for TLG. We’ve worked together with many fashion brands this year, providing them with the latest market insights. By strategically supporting them in China and abroad, we gathered precious industry insights we’d like to share with our followers.

E-commerce is not only changing fashion in terms of consumers’ shopping habits, it’s also feeding fashion companies with the opportunities to expand their influence to remote markets, while at the same time being influenced too.

China is the clearest example of this trend, and the growth potential distant markets and cultures can bring.

TLG’s e-commerce specialists in the next six months are sharing their expertise in a series of whitepapers about Fashion and e-commerce, with a focus on China.


1. The Worldwide Fashion Industry in 2018

2. E-commerce in the Fashion Industry

3. An Introduction to Fashion & E-commerce in China

4. Has China Fallen in Love With Luxury, or Have Luxury Brands Fallen in Love With China? 

5. The Clothing and Apparel Market in China

6. The Footwear Market in China 

7. The Accessories Market in China

8. Understanding Chinese Consumers: Millennials

9. Chinese E-commerce Channels

10. Which Are the Best Marketing Channels for Fashion in China? 

11. Successful Players in China’s Fashion Industry

12. The Chinese Fashion Industry: Challenges and Best Practices

Sounds interesting?

Click here to get the first chapter: The Worldwide Fashion Industry in 2018

We will keep you updated for the following chapters…

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