7 reasons to open your online shop in Hong Kong

by TRILOGI Press
Hong Kong eCommerce

Online shops in Hong Kong, although often overlooked due to the astounding growth of online shopping in Mainland China,  are also  expanding at a very rapid pace, boosted by enthusiastic consumers and the tens of companies that everyday are starting their business online.

Hong Kong has traditionally been a difficult playground for eCommerce. In the past, locals have been skeptical of sharing their bank info online, and the high concentration of shops virtually everywhere in the city have led many to simply dismiss eCommerce as “useless”.

Yet, boosted by the growth of eCommerce, more and more companies are discovering the advantages of opening an online shop in Hong Kong. Below are 7 reasons why you should open an online store in Hong Kong now:




1)   Save on rental

The skyrocketing prices of Hong Kong rentals come as no surprise, especially to business owners. Having an online store can bypass this problem completely. For those already running a brick and mortar shop, opening an online store in Hong Kong can help reach more customers without dealing with location issues or excessively high rental fees.

2)   Do promotions

Nobody can resist a good promotion, nor can your clients. Flash sales, discounts, “buy one get one”, etc. are just some of the possibilities  offered by eCommerce. Customers can also be offered a discount coupon in the brick and mortar store to be redeemed online, in order to positively engage the clients on different levels and make them more loyal to your brand.

3)   Use it to sell what doesn’t fit in your small shop

You may have hundreds of good products, but not the room to fit them. An online store can help you expand the products you can offer at the same time. Same goes for sold-out products: no customer wants to hear: “please come back in a few days”.

4)   Expand into China and SEA

Already thinking of expanding into Mainland China and South-East Asia, but not sure how your products will be received? Opening an online store in Hong Kong can serve as a powerful tool to move into new markets, without having to deal with company incorporation or shop location. Good marketing on search engines and social media can help you establish a presence in new markets and reach millions of new clients

5)   Make yourself known

Are you selling good products, but having a hard time reaching clients located outside your neighbourhood? By opening an online store in Hong Kong, you can be rapidly known by a greater audience who might either buy online, or just pass by and check out your store. The possibilities on the internet are endless.

6)   Show what you really look like!

Due to budget or space limitations, it is sometimes hard to design the shop the way you want. This can lead customers to think that yours is just “another shop”. Creating an online store that perfectly shows your philosophy and your style is much faster and cheaper than it would be for its brick and mortar counterpart.

7)   mCommerce

People love smartphones for playing, communicating, but especially to look for information. Having an online store where a customer not only can buy, but also have access to all the information regarding your business and your products, can help boost both online and offline sales.


TLG has more than 14 years experience in opening online shops. Contact us to learn more about eCommerce and start selling online now.

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